¿¿Afraid Of Dental Work??

We can proudly offer you absolutly pain free dentistry. Medically assisted sedation is routine. USA trained and
certified anesthesiologists are integral part of our staff.

Dental Implants

If you wear dentures that need rubber glue we offer you a comfortable alternative you never suspected.

See our photo gallery with examples thereof.

Specialty Certificate

ADA Accredited Graduate program specialty certificate.

Fixed, removable and maxillofacial prosthodontics. Master in Science degree. Field of Implantology.

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Dental implants in Guatemala

We are proud to be pioneers in the new field of dentistry without pain, so you can say goodbye to fear and dental phobia that most of us suffer.

“Dental Arts Guatemala” TM is a multidisciplinary medical-dental group, specializing in the management and treatment of all your dental needs and aesthetic expectations. Our main goal is to provide our patients holistically, the entire range of services in the most efficient way in the shortest time possible, in a comfortable and sterile environment AND VERY ACCESSIBLE PROFESSIONAL FEES.

Our ServicesEfficient service in the shortest time possible. Comfortable and sterile environment.

Restorative Dentistry

Our restorative materials meet today with not only aesthetic requirements (same tooth color) but also hardness and durability you've always wanted ...

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Dentistry´s goals in this exciting field has always been to imitate nature´s divine work in color, proportion, translucency, harmony symmetry, lifelike and subtle details which must be mimicked we call such a process "characterization" and it entails the fine...

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Implant Dentistry

Without a shadow of hesitation, dentistry´s "field of dreams". It has become such a predictable treatment that we can safely state as a fact that very few patients escape the profile of being able to leave behind their conventional dentures...

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Conscious Sedation

Often confused with “general anesthesia” (which is relegated to hospital use only) is an amazing medical tool which enhances the dentist´s ability to treat and work at a more leisurely pace...

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Curriculum VitaeEduardo Prado - Dentist of Guatemala

  • Name: Eduardo Prado
  • Degrees: D.D.S., M.S.D.
  • Dental Undergraduate: University of San Carlos Guatemala, May 29th. 1981
  • Specialty: Prosthodontics. UAB School of Dentistry Birmingham, Alabama. 1981-1983
  • Specialty: Maxillofacial Prosthetics. University of Alabama Hospitals. Spain Oral Cancer Rehabilitation Center. Birmingham, Alabama. 1983-1984
  • Graduate Degree:Desplegar o plegar

    - Master of Science
    - Field of implantology
    - University of Alabama Graduate School 1981-1985

  • Thesis:Desplegar o plegar

    - Sponsord by Sterling Winthrop Company “Surface Strain Patterns in Human Mandibles with Titanium and Ceramic Dental Implants” 1985
    - Presented at IADR, Washington D.C.
    - 1986 Awarded with 2nd. Place of 268 presentations

  • Work:Desplegar o plegar

    - The University of Alabama
    School of Dentistry
    Assistant Professor 1984-1987

    - Director
    School of Dentistry
    TMJ Clinic. Dept. of Prosthodontics 1985-1987

  • Awards:Desplegar o plegar

    - Best Clinical Instructor
    UAB School of dentistry, Class of 1986

    - Best Clinical Instructor
    UAB School of Dentistry, Class of 1987

  • US High School degree:Desplegar o plegar

    - Augusta Military Academy High School 1973
    - Academic Diploma

  • Private Practice:Desplegar o plegar

    - Dental License No. 9894
    - Florida, U.S.A. 1987 to 2009

    - Guatemala City 1996 to present
    - License No. 697